Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is a time for family fun! There is excitement over what costume to wear, decorating the yard, and deciding on what candies to hand out. It's easy to forget about the hidden dangers this day can bring. It's well worth going the extra mile to keep your most precious gift, and yourself, safe.

Trick or Treat - Family

Make Trick-or-Treating a Family Affair

WowAccording to safekids.org, 12% of children five years of age or younger are permitted to trick-or-treat alone. This is mind-boggling!

Trick-or-treating traditions can potentially send mixed signals to children. Are we sending a message that they can go up to any stranger anytime of the year without adult supervision and be safe? We let them ask for candy from people they may or may not know, yet we tell them to be careful with strangers. But you can ease your child's confusion by explaining how this is a special time and that they are safe because they are with you.

Making this a family activity is not only great for keeping your child(ren) safe from strangers, but it's also important from keeping them safe from eating the goodies until you have time to check through them. Year after year we hear terrible stories of crazy people manipulating the candy. Your child could be tempted to eat the treats they get before they get home. It''s crucial that an adult makes sure it's safe to eat.

When candy is checked, it's best to keep candies that are wrapped in the manufacturing wrapping and tossing out homemade goodies. Check the wrappers for tears, holes, or opened packaging.

Reflective Tape or Wristbands

 Make Reflective Tape Part of the Costume

Because it gets dark early, it could be difficult for drivers to see pedestrians. Consider having your child walk with a flashlight, a glow-stick, or purchase some reflective wristbands or reflective tape and add it to each costume. It could make for a very creepy, cool reflection if you have a skeleton costume!

Remember to add the reflective tape to your costume or clothing as well!

Slow Down - Drive Like Your Kids Live Here

Drive Like Your Kids Live Here

Keep an eye out for children darting in the street.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), October ranks number 2 in motor vehicle deaths (and injuries), which include pedestrians. "Darting or running into the road accounted for about 15% of deaths in kids ages 5 to 9 and 7% for those 10 to 15."

Many people don't have children or don't celebrate on Halloween. They may forget the times that trick-or-treaters are out and about. Consider ordering a yard sign that says "Slow" or "Drive Like Your Kids Live Here." You still have time to pick one up or order online before the fun and spooky night!

Halloween Safety Tips

Other Halloween Health and Safety Tips

The CDC and safekids.org have guides include additional ways to keep your little ghost and goblins safe this Halloween. There may be things you wouldn't have thought about. You can check them out here:

CDC Halloween safety tips
safekids.org safety tips



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