Nevalia's Wonders Book, Hardcover

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Nevalia's Wonders Book, Hardcover

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Join Nevalia on her journey of discovering nature. Book comes with a FREE song!

The Nevalia Wonderment series encourages children to learn about the wonders of nature, science, imagination, and more.

The first book in the series, Nevalia’s Wonders, takes children on a journey in discovering the unique wonders of nature. Perfect for teaching the days of the week, Nevalia’s Wonders also encourages sensory development. Readers follow Nevalia, a whimsical toddler full of curiosity, as she finds new sights and sounds with each turn of the page.

The book is hardcover 8.5" x 11".

Watch as Julia Spiri, the book illustrator, brings Nevalia to life through her watercolor painting of the Nevalia's Wonders book cover:

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