Unibuck Technologies

Unibuck Technologies

Unibuck Technologies created the Nevalia's Wonders interactive book app that will be available on the iTunes and Google Play stores in October. A child can choose from a menu:

  • I can read it myself - allows the child to read it, or have someone read it to them, while allowing the child to click on objects within the app to learn more.
  • Read it to me - this option, the app will have audio that reads the book to the child. They can flip to the next page when they are ready for more. This option also has interactive features with objects in the book.
  • Sing it to me - this option plays a video showing images of the book, while the child listens to the Nevalia's Wonders song. No interactive features are available with this option.

Unibuck Technologies took the time needed to understand what was needed for this and executed our vision for this app. They did a remarkable job and I highly recommend them!

About Unibuck Technologies:

Unibuck Technologies is a software consulting company, focused on helping small companies grow and enhance their business.