Wholesale for Retailers

Nevalia's Wonders book is available to retailers and bookstores. Books can be purchased through Ingram iPage.

Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN): 2017913241

Formats and ISBN Numbers:

  1. Hard cover: 978-0-9993389-0-2 (available now)
  2. Soft cover: 978-0-9993389-1-9 (available summer 2018)
  3. Board Book (special edition - mini version): 978-0-9993389-4-0 (available summer 2018)
  4. Ebook: 978-0-9993389-3-3 (available now)
  5. Interactive Book App (iOS and Android): 978-0-9993389-2-6 (coming late Nov 2017)

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